Management Lessons from Ants: A Literature Review


  • Dr. Lal Muhammad Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Sarhad University of Science & IT, Peshawar-Pakistan.



Management Lessons, Leadership, Team Work, Division of labor


The basic purpose of this study is to highlight the management lessons from the Ants and incorporate our lives and organizations for a success. This is an explorative study inn which different research papers, articles from internet and books are reviewed. Ant is a small living thing but it is considered a very organized and social insect. From the review of different sources, it is concluded that teamwork, planning for future, specializations of employees, division of labor, good communication network, Swarm Intelligence, risk taking, Self-Motivated and Self-directed, work hard, utilize the time in more productive way, feel ownership to employees, and not make any factor as a hurdle for getting job done.




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Muhammad, D. L. (2022). Management Lessons from Ants: A Literature Review. LC International Journal of STEM (ISSN: 2708-7123), 3(2), 1-8.