Enhancing the Teaching Style of Faculty and Learning Preferences of Teacher Education Students: The Way Forward


  • Dr. BALMACEDA Lemyrose Baptista Chairperson, Teacher Education Department, Abra State Institute of Sciences & Technology Bangued, Abra-Philippines.




Teaching style, learning style and preferences, learning environment, learning engagement


This study aimed to determine the different teaching style of faculty and to determine the type of learners the College of Teacher Education students are according to their learning style preferences and strategies.

This study used the descriptive-survey type of research. The teaching styles of faculty were determined utilizing the Teaching Style Inventory by Rita Dunn and Kenneth Dunn (1999) which consists of six categories namely: 1) instructional planning, 2) teaching methods, 3) teaching environment which includes student groupings and room design, 4) evaluation techniques, 5) teaching characteristics, and, 6) educational philosophy. The Learning Style and Strategies Inventory of Felder and Solomon (2003) was used.

The faculty respondents were the 23 full time faculty of the college and a total enumeration of the 671 BEED and BSED students in all year levels. Results show that the faculty are transitional in all the six categories. Nobody is found traditional, but the group hasn’t reached the most ideal teaching style – the individualized.             The students are found moderate active learners but extremely sensing learners. They are well-balanced as visual/verbal learners and as sequential/global learners.

The following are concluded: Faculty is not yet fully academically equipped with skills and competencies for an individualized teaching style. Students favor a learning environment provided with activities, visual aids, concrete examples, and a clear step by step explanation of lessons.

It is recommended that the faculty should attend in-service trainings to enhance their capability in preparing syllabi that favor the learning preferences and strategies of students.




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