Resilience and Peace-Adherence Among Tinguian Women of Today


  • Dr. Michelle Melinda Ballo-Alzate Assistant Professor I, College of Teacher Education Department, Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology, Bangued, Abra-Philippines.



Culture, Tinguian, women, resilience, peace


Peace and Resilience- two words that usually complement each other.  In order for one to achieve peace, resilience is a basic component and vise-versa. For Tinguian women, resilience has been their second nature while simultaneously living the role as protectors and promoters of development and peace in their communities. This is reflected in their culture and way of life. The study used the descriptive-correlational design. The level of resilience of one hundred three (103) Tinguian women respondents was determined through a questionnaire-checklist on a four-point scale and the level of adherence to peace practices was determined using a questionnaire-checklist on a five-point scale.  Statistical treatment using weighted mean was used to determine the levels of resilience and peace-adherence among the women in the study. Bivariate analysis was used to identify the significant relationship between the levels of resilience and adherence to peace-building practices among the informants. Data revealed generally “Very High” levels of resilience among the Tinguian women respondents.  Level of adherence to peace practices was largely “Frequently Adhered To.”  Taken as a whole, no significant correlation between the adherence to peace practices and the resilience of the women in the study was established. Taken singly, though, there exists significant relationships between resilience along “independence” and peace adherence in the “workplace” as well as a significant correlation between resilience along “social competence” and peace adherence in the “community.”  Programs to enhance and strengthen the awareness of Tinguian women on their role as advocates and promoters of resilience and peace are recommended.




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