QR Code Tracker to Magnify Business Intelligence in Real Estate Marketing Deployed with Cloud Computing with SMs


  • Amrah Maqbool Senior Researcher, Computer Science and Engineering, Pakistan Gazette, Islamabad-Pakistan.




QR codes aren't really a brand-new idea. This box and cylinder embedded technology by Denis Wave was initially used as a means of tracking. Businesses across all industries, on the other hand, are coming up with creative and useful applications for them. (July 16, 2021, De Grayer) digital advertising, marketing, and interacting with affiliated audiences are among the most popular. In an otherwise saturated business, using QR codes for your real estate information might help you stand out. It may especially assist you in increasing prospect engagement and generating more leads. A QR code is a handy, very adaptable graphic that can be scanned and used in a variety of ways. It makes it simple to provide consumers more information than can fit on a single sheet of paper. It also shows how to effectively transfer offline conversations Online, whether by phone, email, text, or a website.

Various organizations have begun to employ two-dimensional bar codes, also called QR (quick response) code, to encode information, like that URLs that can be recited by devices, arithmetical tablets, and other electronic devices in recent years. In this codes might be used to elicit a customer response or a certain activity. Their major advantage is that they relieve smartphone users of the tiresome effort of inputting and searching for information.

Henceforth fluctuation in prices with old and upcoming can be store with this code for comparison easily which will be a great assist for price predictors. Instead of textual this graphical representation easily accessed via mobile aperture rather than a special textual readers. Landing maps of various societies store with in this QR code to understand the development and exact status of the development in societies with implementation of this QR code, less interaction with the paper work for flyers, brochures and hardcore but personal devices may access these codes via one scan and detect of web page automatically. Even quickly share in groups and at personal devices.

Consequently, if QR code generated at WhatsApp for direct contact to designated generate message at user side. Engraved QR codes at the files with various dynamic colors at the files of lands data to maintain and fetching back the prescribed data increase the access of information and ensures the corruption free liabilities maintaining separate databases with SQL injections and subcategories the data for the clients and administrative to rehearse at advance.


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