The Use of Youtube Channel to Improve Students English - Indonesian Translation Ability


  • Risna Ayu
  • Abdollah



Youtube Channel. Students’ English-Indonesian Translation Ability


This research aims to improve the students’ English to Indonesia translation ability by using media learn English with TV Series. This research was conducted by using Classroom Action Research (CAR). The subject of this research was class XI-MIA grade at MA DDI Padanglampe academic year 2019/2020 which consists of 25 students. This research was conducted in two cycles which each consists of planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. The data were gathered through quantitative and qualitative data. The data was analyzed based on the parameters of translation quality (accuracy, readability, and acceptability

The result of this research showed that there was an improvement on  sudents’ translation ability. The mean of pre-test was 61.16. The mean of post-test 1 was 74.96. The mean of post-test 2 was 79.96. It indicated that the scores and the mean in second cycle were better than the first cycle. The percentage of students who got point >75 also grew up. In the pre-Test, the students who got point >75 up were 4 students (16%). In the post-test of cycle 1 students who got point >75 up were 13 students (52%). The post-test of cycle 2, students who got point >75 were 25 students (100%). In other words, the students’ ability in translation improved significantly. The students also showed their positive perception toward the use of YouTube channel in translation teaching. It could be seen from the questionnaire score. Each statements got high percentage from the students.



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SULASTRI, Risna Ayu, & Abdollah. (2021). The Use of Youtube Channel to Improve Students English - Indonesian Translation Ability. LC International Journal of STEM (ISSN: 2708-7123), 2(2), 32-39.