Microbial Quality of Pork Meat Marketed in Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City, Nepal


  • Dev Raj Acharya Central Department of Food Technology, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
  • Dinesh Subedi




Pork meat, Hygiene, Meat safety, Dharan Nepal


This study aims to access the microbial quality of the pork meat marketed in Dharan sub-metropolitan city of Nepal. A cross-sectional study was conducted from April to October of 2019 among 7 established meat shop that sells pork meat in Dharan. Meat and swab samples from the hand of the butchers, chopping board, and knife were collected from all meat shop in triplicate manner. The average TPC in pork meat, chopping board, knives and butchers’ hand of seven meat shop was found to be 181×105 cfu/g, 287×102, 49×102 and 274×102 cfu/cm2 respectively. The average total coliform in meat samples and swabs of the butchers hand, chopping board, knives were 176×101 cfu/cm2, 918×101 cfu/g and 133×101, 106×101 and respectively. All meat samples were found E. coli and S. aureus positive with four out of seven meat samples were detected salmonella positive, whereas six among seven samples were found positive with Shigella. From the data obtained it is inferred that the hygienic and sanitary conditions are not satisfactory to assure meat safety in Dharan.


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Dev Raj Acharya, & Dinesh Subedi. (2021). Microbial Quality of Pork Meat Marketed in Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City, Nepal. LC International Journal of STEM (ISSN: 2708-7123), 2(2), 23-31. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5150184