What Factors are Challenging to Manage a Project in Industry 4.0?


  • Fahima Nazeen University of Professionals, Bangladesh.




Industry 4.0, Project Management, Internet Of Things, Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)


One of the main causes of the earlier industrial revolutions was the speed at which technology was developing. However, in terms of technological advancement and socioeconomic impact, it is anticipated that the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and its integrated technology dissemination progress will expand dramatically. Industry 4.0 creates new organizational business models and human-centered manufacturing systems that have an effect on society, the environment, and the entire value chain. The Industry 4.0 is improving things so much that they are improving things even more. However, there are dangers and difficulties associated with developing a project in any Industry 4.0 area. Making a project will undoubtedly require some sort of difficulties. This essay examines the difficulties of putting Industry 4.0 into practice.


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