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Logical Creations Education and Research Institute) Thu, 06 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000 OJS 60 Analysis the Effect of Social Media on University Education Through COVID-19 Pandemic Using the Naive Bayes Algorithm <p>The spread of the COVID-19 around the world has led to changes in social practices and how institutions operate. The education sector was not immune to these changes, as the epidemic imposed unprecedented measures that led to the suspension of work in many government institutions, and the application of social distancing. It should be noted that the educational process is based on interaction between individuals, which contradicts the principles of social distancing, and threatens the educational process and exposes it to collapse. As a result, educational institutions have sought to find alternatives to traditional education, which is embodied in the adoption of the e-learning style through various electronic platforms that support the educational process. In this paper, we will discuss the extent of the impact of social media on university education by taking a sample of Al-Qasim Green University teachers using the Naive Bayes algorithm. Through this study, it was concluded that the social media greatly influences university education, with an accuracy of about 95%.</p> Amal Fadhil Mohammed, Akmam Majed Mosa, Inas Kadhim Jebur Copyright (c) 2022 Amal Fadhil Mohammed, Akmam Majed Mosa, Inas Kadhim Jebur Thu, 06 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000 QR Code Tracker to Magnify Business Intelligence in Real Estate Marketing Deployed with Cloud Computing with SMs <p>QR codes aren't really a brand-new idea. This box and cylinder embedded technology by Denis Wave was initially used as a means of tracking. Businesses across all industries, on the other hand, are coming up with creative and useful applications for them. (July 16, 2021, De Grayer) digital advertising, marketing, and interacting with affiliated audiences are among the most popular. In an otherwise saturated business, using QR codes for your real estate information might help you stand out. It may especially assist you in increasing prospect engagement and generating more leads. A QR code is a handy, very adaptable graphic that can be scanned and used in a variety of ways. It makes it simple to provide consumers more information than can fit on a single sheet of paper. It also shows how to effectively transfer offline conversations Online, whether by phone, email, text, or a website.</p> <p>Various organizations have begun to employ two-dimensional bar codes, also called QR (quick response) code, to encode information, like that URLs that can be recited by devices, arithmetical tablets, and other electronic devices in recent years. In this codes might be used to elicit a customer response or a certain activity. Their major advantage is that they relieve smartphone users of the tiresome effort of inputting and searching for information.</p> <p>Henceforth fluctuation in prices with old and upcoming can be store with this code for comparison easily which will be a great assist for price predictors. Instead of textual this graphical representation easily accessed via mobile aperture rather than a special textual readers. Landing maps of various societies store with in this QR code to understand the development and exact status of the development in societies with implementation of this QR code, less interaction with the paper work for flyers, brochures and hardcore but personal devices may access these codes via one scan and detect of web page automatically. Even quickly share in groups and at personal devices.</p> <p>Consequently, if QR code generated at WhatsApp for direct contact to designated generate message at user side. Engraved QR codes at the files with various dynamic colors at the files of lands data to maintain and fetching back the prescribed data increase the access of information and ensures the corruption free liabilities maintaining separate databases with SQL injections and subcategories the data for the clients and administrative to rehearse at advance.</p> Amrah Maqbool Copyright (c) 2022 Amrah Maqbool Thu, 06 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000 The Effectiveness of Using Interactive Multimedia on the Learning Process for Enhancing the Connection between Education and Practice <p>Interactive multimedia technology enhances the educational process by increasing interaction between teachers and students at universities, especially in the practical subjects. The use of multimedia technology in the educational field has a role-play to enhance the quality of teaching and outcomes for students. In this vein, the educational institutions are using multimedia tools such as video, sound, and animated presentations and simulations to advance their teaching strategies. This benefits college students. The interactive multimedia learning has become a popular teaching strategy that uses visual and audio annotations to help students understand lessons easily and quickly. Therefore, this study aims to examine the effectiveness of using multimedia tools in teaching compared to the traditional methods of teaching practical subjects. This study is an experimental one based on questionnaires that are distributed to 238 students from various colleges at Tikrit University. Finally, the results reveal significant differences among students. Those who use multimedia tools to support their learning in the practical subjects show better results compared to those who are taught by the traditional methods. This study recommends using the multimedia instructional tool as an effective tool to enhance the outcomes of students in practicing skills in the practical subjects.</p> Qusay Abboodi Ali, Noor Mezher Sahab Copyright (c) 2022 Qusay Abboodi Ali, Noor Mezher Sahab Thu, 06 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000 Some Improved Class of Ratio Estimators for Finite Population Variance with the Use of Known Parameters <p>In this paper, we proposed some improved class of ratio estimators for finite population variance with the use of known parameters. The proposed estimators are obtained by transforming both the sample variances of the study and auxiliary variables, as well as the use of known parameters. The Mean Square Error of the proposed estimators have been obtained and the conditions for their efficiency over some existing variance estimators have been established. The present family of finite variance estimator, having obtaining the optimal values of the constants, exhibit significant improvement over the estimators considered in the study. The empirical study is also conducted to support the theoretical results and the results revealed that the suggested estimators are more efficient.</p> Awwal Adejumobi, Mojeed A. Yunusa Copyright (c) 2022 Awwal Adejumobi, Mojeed A. Yunusa Thu, 06 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000 Real-time Automatic License Plate Recognition Using Color Features <p>Various researchers presented various solutions for license plate detection but real-time performance is still a challenge in the field. In this paper, we propose a fast license plate detection method to work correctly in a real-time environment. In the first step, we locate or detect the license plate in the image sequences. We used color-based methods to detect the license plate. The method consists of computing image contours, later, we analyzed the contours to localize the license plate in the image sequences. After detecting the license plate, in the second step, we perform segmentation using a character recognition model. Finally, we propose the license plate format checking model to verify the detected license plate is the correct license plate. For the tools, we used OpenCV (open computer vision library) and tesseract for character recognition.</p> Muahmmad Asfandyar Khan, Abdul Basit Copyright (c) 2022 Muahmmad Asfandyar Khan, Abdul Basit Thu, 06 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000