Data Security Using Steganography


  • Aliyu Kamalu Babando Department of Computer Science, Taraba State Polytechnics-Nigeria.
  • Bamanga Mahmud Ahmad Computer Science Department, Federal University of Lafia-Nigeria.



Encryption, Decryption, Plain Text, Cipher Text, Cryptanalysis, Steganography, Brute Force, Cryptography


Steganography is a fascinating topic that is unique from the everyday cryptography and system administration that most of us deal with. Steganography is a type of code that can be used to communicate covertly. We looked into steganography's theoretical and practical limitations. We used the LSB methodology to print out the picture steganography system enhancement to provide a secure communication method. This steganography computer software shows how to use any text format to hide any type of information. The capacity of this application to support any type of text is its crowning achievement. Since prehistoric times, man has yearned for the capacity to converse in a private manner. Steganography isn't just for military or espionage objectives, as evidenced by the recent boom in research into watermarking to safeguard intellectual property. Steganography, like cryptography, will become more important in the future for safe communication in the "digital world".


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Aliyu Kamalu Babando, & Bamanga Mahmud Ahmad. (2023). Data Security Using Steganography. LC International Journal of STEM (ISSN: 2708-7123), 3(4), 12-24.